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Hi!  Welcome to Profectus, personal, professional, inspirational coaches trained to help you take yourself and your life to the next level.   Your personal goals are achievable with coaching.  If you are ready, make an appointment below.  The first half hour is free, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. For more information about our services and what we can do for you, please browse through our website and do not hesitate reaching out with any questions.


We are a small, credentialed, experienced and loving team!


Deborah Bontcue

Passionate Life Coaching Professional

Deborah has a Masters Degree in Behavioral Psychology and has worked in the criminal justice and behavioral science fields for over twenty years.  Becoming a young mother and raising two daughters on her own while juggling college and a full time job allowed her to discover her strengths and her core values. She prides her self on her self awareness and spirituality.  Deb is an expert in rooting out pesky, real or imagined road blocks to ones dreams and goals. Deb enjoys rolling up her sleeves to help those ready to help themselves!  She is a voracious reader, runner, and one that has been bitten by the travel bug. Between Deb's two daughters and Sean's two sons they share five grandchildren.


Sean Cashin

Sean is a guy with a very short bucket list!  He has lived a full and diverse life which has included selling Ferraris, living in Africa and playing Polo in Argentina.  After becoming an Art-Director for an advertising agency out of college and then becoming an account executive, Sean started his own company at twenty four.  Sean is an award winning builder, past president of the Hilton Head Island Homebuilder's Association, a once certified Emergency Medical Technician and has designed and built projects in Uganda which included a bio-gas latrine system for a large school for mostly orphaned children.  One of Sean's biggest passions and most fulfilling work is the work he has done with The Mankind Project, facilitating men wanting to become fully awakened to what trips them up and keeps them from living life to its fullest.


What we do.

As your personal coach, we support and guide you in creating a world where your personal dreams and aspirations are clearly defined and assist you on your journey fulfilling them.


Relationship Coaching Sessions

There are answers to what ails our relationships. Let's look at what is going on and come up with a plan to get them back on track.


Spiritual Coaching Sessions

So much chaos out there pulling you off center.  Lets figure out how to lessen the noise and expand the silence.

Meditation by the sea

Career Coaching Sessions

Need a confidence boost or a better plan for how to navigate the road forward?  Consider a coach!


Sport/Fitness Coaching Session

Having trouble staying the course?...keeping focused?...yeah, we can relate!    Consider a coach!

running up staris

"...and the day came, when the risk to remain closed in a bud became greater than the risk it took to blossom."

Anais Nin

Wandering Traveler

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